Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Insomniac's ramblings 4/19/11: It's strong and it's sudden, it can be cruel sometimes. But it might just save your life.

So, it's been a little while. Recovery takes time, as they say. I still carry the ring; I know it's not exactly healthy, but it's all I have left, aside from my memories. Trying to sell it, but opal's a hard stone to sell, it's so variable. I looked at well over two thousand opals, over three states, before finding this one; so trust me when I say it's not some random potch opal. Oh well, that's life.

I have been thinking about the theory of time travel a lot since Christmas. Think of the “Back to the Future” movies, the idea of going back, changing something, and thus changing the future (or rather, your present). Honestly, I don't think there is anything I could change to fix it, so the only change I'd personally make, would be to have registered for different classes, so I wouldn't have met her; to save the pain. Rather sad, eh?

Opening this one up to comments, hoping I get some. What, if anything, would you change, if you could?

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  1. I dunno. There's so many little things I regret. I just wish I could do whole days over again sometimes. Sometimes I just wake up in a bad personality and lash out at people.