Monday, March 7, 2011


I live for the day that people realize that religion is the ultimate cop-out. It flies directly in the face of what these fascist conservatives are preaching about "personal responsibility."

Think about it, when a christian does well at something, they thank their "god." Why? It means that they are releasing themselves of all responsibility, and letting some mythical boogieman take the credit. You did well, have a little pride in a job well done.

When a christian fails at something, though, they say it was "'god's' will." Bullshit, you just weren't good enough. Once again, passing all responsibility for your failure onto your mythology. Grow a pair and push yourself to get better so you won't fail next time.

Oh wait, that's evolution, and they just can't do that. I forgot.

Like I said, I live for that day. But, as I'm rapidly losing "faith" in my own species, I'm not holding my breath. I respect other's choice to believe in whatever they want to believe in; but that respect will ONLY last as long as they respect my choice not to.

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