Monday, March 7, 2011

Ding Dong, the DOMA's (nearly) dead.

Some "conservatives" are calling for the impeachment of President Obama because he ordered the end of federal support for DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act), which defined, at a federal level, marriage as being a heterosexual institution only.

In Nevada, It Is Illegal For A Man To Buy Drinks For More Than Three People At A Time.

In North Dakota, Beer And Pretzels Cannot Be Served At The Same Time In Any Bar Or Restaurant.

In Connecticut, A Pickle Is Not Officially A Pickle Unless It Bounces.

In South Carolina, You Must Be 18 Years Of Age To Play A Pinball Machine.

In Idaho, It Is Illegal For A Man To Give His Sweetheart A Box Of Candy Weighing More Than 50 lbs.

In Louisiana, There Is A $500 Fine For Instructing A Pizza Delivery Man To Deliver Pizza To A Friend Unknowingly.

In Arizona, It's Illegal To Own More Than 2 Dildos.

What do all of those have to do with DOMA? They are all laws that are on the books that don't merit wasting time, money, or any other resources on.

So, are they calling for the impeachment of Arizona governor Jan Brewer, too? After all, we don't hear too much about her efforts to ensure that nobody in her state has more than two dildos, now do we?

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